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I just wanted to give a shout out to the whole team there about how happy Drake and I are with your services and care over the past month. Everyone has been soooo polite, caring, enthusiastic and professional in every way. We are “snow birds” and will be heading back to Michigan the 1st of April. I needed to find a place while in town for him to play and be cared for while I am working or out and about a few days a week. I hit the jackpot with you!

– Mary

Donna and Walt decided that life in their South Florida condominium would be perfect with the addition of a small dog. So one day on the way home from work, they turned into the parking lot of a local pet store. Walt did not really know what to expect since he had never had a dog as a member of his family before. Once inside the pet store they gravitated to the puppies. One puppy in particular seemed immediately attracted to Donna and Walt. The manager explained that the puppy was from a puppy mill. Regardless, the puppy seemed in good health, was playful and happy. Then the manager told them the puppy’s birth date. Coincidentally, it was the same day as Walt’s. That sealed the deal and created an unbreakable bond between Walt and Marley from that day forward. Marley will be three years old in March and Walt well… he will be enjoying another year with his best friend.

— Donna and Walt

My husband and I moved to South Florida from upstate New York a year ago with our two best friends – Biscuit, a Great Pyrenees mix & Phoebe a Newfoundland. In New York, Biscuit exhibited a mild fear of fireworks but since there weren’t many thunder storms, we had no idea the trauma that was about to unleash on poor Biscuit in the lightning capital of the US.

We arrived in rainy season. During the first month of our relocation Biscuit’s fear of storms began to manifest. As the rainy season progressed, his fear escalated to destroying household items trying to get out of the house during a storm. In desperation, I asked our veterinarian for help. She suggested that I try the cream version of valium and doggie downers. I even tried the Storm Defender Cape. Each of these solutions helped somewhat, even the Cape. But dosages and timing for the drugs were tricky and the cape seemed to lose its power. One thing helped every time. Visiting All American Pet Resorts Punta Gorda for overnight stays or daycare. Biscuit was less affected by the storms there. I discussed the reasons why this was so with the staff at All American Pet Resorts Punta Gorda. We determined that the combination of the concrete block suites, the presence of other unaffected dogs as well as music and TV noise eased Biscuit’s anxiety. Fear of thunder storms is a real problem in South Florida. But Biscuit is able to live a less anxious life at All American Pet Resorts Punta Gorda.

— Camille

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